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Bingo is a game of chance, a popular game that can be played to win cash and prizes. The game of Bingo is one of the oldest games in the world of.  It is a versatile game yet offers  simple gameplay, you don’t need a complicated strategy to participate in the game. It does however require quick thinking and fast action.

Big Value Free Bingo Games – The Growth online

Most online gambling platforms are offering online bingo to their customers. Online bingo is attracting players from all over the world. Recently the number of players participating in online bingo games has increased dramatically. With the advent of many online bingo platforms, bingo players have a great choice. Players can easily access the online game through their smartphones, laptops or tablets. Just like a traditional bingo game, people can also win cash prizes through online bingo. The online gambling industry is reaching new heights due to modern technology.

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Gambling Act 2005 and 2014 Act

Due to the rapidly growing gambling industry in the country the UK government created a gambling act in 2005 to regularize the gambling business in the country. The gambling Act 2005 was a game-changer for gambling industry in the UK especially for online bingo sites.

In the Gambling Act, there were some conditions imposed on gambling in Britain. The act was to be based on the fundamental values including,

  • According to the gambling act 2005, the gambling sites must not be a source of criminal activities and disorder. Talking about the bingo sites, these platforms should not be used for crime or disorder.
  • Bingo sites in the UK must have a mechanism of knowing the location, age and other details about participants. These sites should only allow those players to participate who are of legal age and location.
  • Bingo sites should ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, and that there is no fraud or misleading activity on the platform.
  • All bingo platforms should ensure the protection of children and other vulnerable people from the harmful effect of gambling.
  • In the 2005 Act, UKGC allowed gambling businesses to advertise in the UK, and the advertisement was not regulated by the commission. In 2014, the new legislation was introduced to regulate the advertising of casinos and UK bingo sites.
  • The UK bingo sites can only offer bingo platforms for the customers if they have a fully licensed software related to bingo.
  • The 2014 Act also put some restrictions on the offshore gambling businesses to target the UK customers. The act was aimed to ensure that only those bingo sites can advertise in the UK that have a licence.

Bingo Regulation the Whitelist

All sites operating to a British audience need licence from UKGC except those on the whitelist of the gambling jurisdiction verified by the UKGC. The Gambling Commission UK has issued a whitelist of countries whose licensed bingo sites can operate in the UK, and they don’t need any additional licence in the UK, because the UKGC already considers them as having a strong and standard legislation regarding online bingo.

The strict legislation is not just in place to protect customers, but also to guard against international money laundering and large-scale crime.

Only those Bingo sites have permission to advertise and operate for the UK, which are licensed from one of the following authorities.

  • European Economic Area countries
  • Alderney Gambling Commission
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Tasmania Liquor and Gaming Commission
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

Bingo Gaming Licensing conditions

Both online and land-based bingo halls require a bingo licence to operate in the UK. These operators may need to obtain operating licences, premises licences, or personal management licences for their bingo platforms. These licences can be applied through the Gambling Commission UK. There are many online guidance articles available to help you learn how to apply for a licence.

A fully licensed website always proudly displays information on its website about its licence obtained from UKGC. If you can’t find licence information on the free bingo games site, you need to stay away from this gambling site. There are few main conditions to be followed to receive a licence from the UKGC. Some of the important licensing conditions are given below.

  • The licensee or operator who needs a licence should allow an enforcement officer to inspect the gambling equipment and provide all the data related to their equipment to the commission.
  • All the bingo software used by the licensee needs to be manufactured by a registered software developer who holds a gambling software operating licence.
  • Operators must comply with the technical requirements and standards of the Gambling Commission UK. They also need to comply with the specifications set by the commission for bingo equipment.
  • The free bingo games operator must follow the standards and procedures set by the UKGC for sharing the information of players with third parties. They need to ensure that the player’s information is safe and secure with them.
  • Those bingo operators who hold customer funds must need to clearly display their terms and conditions regarding customer’s funds. They also need to make sure that customer funds are safe and protected with the procedure they follow.
  • Use of credit cards as a payment method for gambling is banned in the UK, so bingo operators need to make sure that they must not accept any payment for bingo fee by credit card.
  • Bingo operators and licensees must ensure that their procedures and conditions for the bingo game are not unfair, that they do not allow any illegal commercial practices for gambling, and that all their bingo activities are transparent.
  • Bingo operators will be required to provide information about their bingo facility, and the information should appear on the screen such as, whether they are licensed and regulated by the UKGC, information about their software, their account number, and current status of their licence.
  • Bingo operators must need to obtain and verify the personal information of their customers. They need to obtain this information before allowing them to play bingo on their platform. The personal information should include the name, address, and date of birth of customer.
  • Licensees need to take safety measures to ensure that the personal information of their customers are safe and well protected. They should not share these personal information of their customers with any third party.

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