Types of Bingo

Explaining the Types of bingo games

The game of bingo is one of the most popular games available anywhere in the world today and has millions of players worldwide each day. Bingo has been growing in popularity for centuries and remains one of the most played games the gaming world has ever seen. The game appeals to a wide variety of people from all age groups, genders and religions and has continued to gain excellent accolades across the board.

In this entertainment news page I will discuss the many variations of this much loved gaming sensation as to give you a bigger insight into the game as a whole. One of the most popular types of bingo game is ninety ball bingo which basically sees players buy cards with a variety of numbers on and they then attempt to match different combinations for the numbers the bingo caller shouts out. In ninety ball bingo it pretty much is the way it is named where the caller can call up to ninety balls from which the players can win from. Another type of bingo that itself has many variations within it is seventy five ball bingo that seems to be one of the more popular variations of the game.

Seventy five ball bingo is virtually the same as ninety ball bingo but the caller only has to call out a possible seventy five numbers from the balls in his possession. The first variation of seventy five ball bingo I will talk about is horizontal bingo which is basically that players can only win a particular game if they indeed match a horizontal line of numbers. The second variation of the seventy five ball game is vertical bingo which sees the player charged with pretty much the same rules as horizontal bingo games but instead of a horizontal line needed the player requires their line to be of a vertical standing.

Another variation which is extremely similar to the previous two is the game of diagonal bingo which instead of the player requiring a horizontal or vertical line they would need to match a line in a diagonal direction. The next variation of this popular game is aptly named the game of blackout bingo. Blackout bingo sees the players charged with covering each and every number on their cards which is generally known as having a full house or a coverall score which would then win them the game.

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Pattern bingo is another extremely interesting variation to the game that charges the players to follow and try to replicate a wide variety of different patterns within their cards to win the game. These patterns can be any of many different types and the bingo caller will have on his screen the exact patterns needed to win any particular game. We recommend players look for the best big value bingo games that are available online and offline.

Another variation I should tell you about is that there is an eighty ball version of the game available at some locations which is the same as the others but uses eighty balls. I have left this one until last as you generally do not see many providers offering this types of game but if you look around and want to play it you will readily find some provider offering the service. We recommend you learn more about Bingo games here.

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These are the basic variations to this long running and historic game that you will find in most physical bingo halls and indeed in the online versions and are aimed at spicing up the game a little bit more for your entertainment. I hope you have enjoyed this article and it helps you to understand that bingo can be made much more interesting for all players. Our website is covered by a Creative Commons licence, please respect our copyright rules.