The rise and fall of the game of Bingo

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It is believed that the bingo game entered the UK in the 18th century, but it was officially legalized by the British government in 1960 when the government passed the betting and gambling act to legalize all types of gambling activities inside the UK. Before the betting and gambling act 1960, bingo was used primarily as a fundraising activity in community centers. Bingo has had a huge impact on the community, using it not only for entertainment but also for a good cause, such as fundraising and social gatherings.

When bingo was officially legalized as a gambling activity, most casinos began offering games to their customers.  And many people invested in building bingo halls. Many cinemas, pubs, and community centers were converted into bingo halls.  This attracted more and more players to the bingo game. Within a few years of its legalization, more than 15 million bingo players were officially registered in bingo halls.

In the mid-80s, bingo was at its height of popularity and became the most attractive game for gamblers and gambling providers. In the late 90s, there was a huge drop in the number of participants in the bingo halls. According to many, the arrival of the national lottery was one of the main factors that led to the decline in bingo popularity.

The Lottery

In 1994, the launch of the National Lottery allowed players to win millions of pounds for a much lower upfront investment. Along with the national lottery, a ban on smoking inside bingo halls also hit the popularity of the game. According to statistics, more than 200 bingo halls closed between 1999 and 2010 due to decrease in the number of participants.  And more than 6,000 bingo hall employees lost their jobs during the same period.

One notable reason for the decline of bingo halls was the higher taxes that bingo halls had to pay during some of their most difficult times. Bingo halls had to pay ten to fifteen percent tax on their revenue. In 2013, more than seventeen bingo halls were permanently closed in the UK due to lack of business. The only way to revive the game was to bring the youth into the bingo game.  Learn more about the different types of bingo games with our free resources.

The Rise of online Bingo

The emergence of the internet was a game changer for many businesses. Gambling and gaming industries have enthusiastically welcomed the online world, and quickly developed online versions of games. Bingo Zone was one of the first multiplayer bingo games, launched in 1996. Another online bingo game named Bingo Blitz was released in 1998. Despite the fact that the games at the time were not of high quality due to a lack of technology, they continued to draw a large number of gamers.  Some new innovative Bingo game providers have moved with the times such as the who offer an array of alternative promotions.  Some adverts are viewable on the Official PrizeLandBingo Vimeo page. as well as the Official Dailymotion profile.

With the advancement in technologies in the early 2000s, gaming developers were able to produce high-quality bingo games. And the online bingo industry has become a boomer since then. Almost every bingo brand developed their own version of online bingo games. There were hundreds of online bingo websites in just a few years, attracting massive crowds on a regular basis. Technology played a huge role in reviving bingo. It’s quite easy to see how technology has resurrected the game of bingo that was on the verge of extinction.

Conclusion – The rise and fall of the game of Bingo

Today, we have thousands of different platforms all over the world, offering bingo games for players all over the world. Many online casinos and gambling operators have added bingo to their mainstream products. Any player can access these online casinos and play the game for free using the virtual currency offered by the bingo operators. There are no restrictions for the number of free games for each player. People can also play bingo for real money and attractive prizes on these online casinos. Online bingo has become a massive industry in the UK, with the market worth an estimated £1.3 billion.

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